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February 1, 2008

About this Blog...

This blog will be very interesting for those using photoshop or similar software and for those who enjoy drawing. Ever since I saw my younger brother, Norman Alexander Flores, and the incredible art work he was able to visualize, sketch, and color using nothing but a pen tablet and a computer sufficient enough to run photoshop, I became enthralled by the amount of skill and talent involved in this type of industry. It all started with a number 2 pencil and some scratch paper when he was just 10, today he does this for a living for full featured animated films, commercials, advertisement, websites, story boards, etc. you name it. My nephew, Jose Flores, is also looking at the possibility of being an artist, he is 14. So I now open this blog, "Speed Painting". A small effort to bring the works of artists from all walks of life into one blog. And maybe one day when I get the opportunity, I will post my brother's work and who knows? Maybe my nephew's work as well. Enjoy this Blog! And thank you for visiting!

Best Of Nico di Mattia