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June 25, 2012

The Dark Knight

Time Lapse Speed Painting by: Nico Di Mattia
Approximate Time: n/a
Software: Photoshop

Serenata Chocolates

Everybody loves chocolate well, almost.  It is one of the most common gift that's never out of occasion.  Chocolates are so versatile that you can have it as a drink or even simply plainly as it is.  Chocolates are even more fun when it's with nuts, fruits or delicately shaped into figures.  It is n indulgence hard to resist. If you're looking for a simple but sweet gift for your special someone, chocolates can deliver the message right through.  It's a sweet little way to show someone's remembered and thought of. 

Serenata chocolates delivers the sweetness even in far places.  Let your message be sent through their delivery service.  They have variety of selections which will certainly fit your budget and choice.  Since not all chocolates are created the same, there will always be that special one which will suit the recipient's taste.  Serenata chocolates are made for all occasions, all with their most special packages.  Take advantage of their special free delivery, order now and make someone dear across the miles happy.

June 17, 2012

Brad Pitt - Troy

Time Lapse Speed Painting by: minaki418 (youtube)
Approximate Time: +/- 5.00 Hours
Software: N/A

ICF Building Material

Concrete is not very common material for construction here in US, wood is still primarily the material used for almost everything.  There are  pros with having wood as construction material like faster construction build time and lower cost.  Of course the durability and structural built will not be comparable to concrete building.

Wood is very much common up to this time but modernization introduces new material like the ICF forms.  An insulated concrete form or  ICF can provide cost-effective and and more structural support for a structure.  It is an environmentally safe material from recycled waste wood.  This cement bonded wood fiber needs no foam insulation anymore.  It is built to hold a more secure, safer, energy and sound efficient structure.

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