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November 8, 2012

Speed Painting - Angela Brookens

Speed Painting - Angela Brookens from GreenerVisuals on Vimeo.

Time Lapse Speed Painting by: Angela Brookens
Approximate Time: N/A
Software: N/A (painted by hand)
Credits: Ryan Greene (GreenerVisuals)

June 25, 2012

The Dark Knight

Time Lapse Speed Painting by: Nico Di Mattia
Approximate Time: n/a
Software: Photoshop

Serenata Chocolates

Everybody loves chocolate well, almost.  It is one of the most common gift that's never out of occasion.  Chocolates are so versatile that you can have it as a drink or even simply plainly as it is.  Chocolates are even more fun when it's with nuts, fruits or delicately shaped into figures.  It is n indulgence hard to resist. If you're looking for a simple but sweet gift for your special someone, chocolates can deliver the message right through.  It's a sweet little way to show someone's remembered and thought of. 

Serenata chocolates delivers the sweetness even in far places.  Let your message be sent through their delivery service.  They have variety of selections which will certainly fit your budget and choice.  Since not all chocolates are created the same, there will always be that special one which will suit the recipient's taste.  Serenata chocolates are made for all occasions, all with their most special packages.  Take advantage of their special free delivery, order now and make someone dear across the miles happy.

June 17, 2012

Brad Pitt - Troy

Time Lapse Speed Painting by: minaki418 (youtube)
Approximate Time: +/- 5.00 Hours
Software: N/A

ICF Building Material

Concrete is not very common material for construction here in US, wood is still primarily the material used for almost everything.  There are  pros with having wood as construction material like faster construction build time and lower cost.  Of course the durability and structural built will not be comparable to concrete building.

Wood is very much common up to this time but modernization introduces new material like the ICF forms.  An insulated concrete form or  ICF can provide cost-effective and and more structural support for a structure.  It is an environmentally safe material from recycled waste wood.  This cement bonded wood fiber needs no foam insulation anymore.  It is built to hold a more secure, safer, energy and sound efficient structure.

April 26, 2012

Beyonce - Speed Painting by S. Maguire

Time Lapse Speed Painting by: S. Maguire
Approximate Time: N/A
Software: Photoshop

How to Present Cheesecake Creatively with Glaze and Toppings

Cheesecake is a culinary canvas that can showcase your talent and creativity in baking. There are many ways to make it more attractive than just cream cheese and strawberry toppings. Working with glazes and toppings is a good start to showcase your culinary creativity. Let's discuss how to use a different kind of glazes and toppings.

The easiest way to have creative ideas in cake decoration is to use color. You can start by determining your favorite color. You can then decide on thematic colors for the holiday or occasion. For instance, the typical color combination for Christmas is red and green. When we talk about Valentine's Day, you can always associate it with the colors red and pink. Meanwhile, white and orange represents the Halloween season.
Once you determine the color for your occasion, then you can now look for the appropriate ingredients to use. For Christmas theme, you can use strawberries or cherries and sliced kiwi fruit that you can place in snow-white frosting. You can add some candy canes and mint leaves as "mistletoe". For Valentine's Day, you can use strawberry, raspberries and cherry syrup. To add a little surprise, you can add the name of the recipient by spelling it out using small marshmallows.

Meanwhile, you can use a pumpkin-based recipe for Halloween. You can glaze it with while frosting on top and drizzle over some chocolate syrup. You can also add some orange color to the cake by placing orange toppings. You can also create a spider web design to the cheesecake in order to give it a spooky look. Use chocolate syrup to drizzle over it in a spiral pattern. Lightly drag a toothpick from the center of the cake to the outside edge of it to make the spider web.

There are many color themes you can use for every season of the year. You can arrange slices of kiwi fruit and add different kinds of berries for a springtime theme. Lemons, oranges, limes, pineapple, mangoes and other fruits that have bright and sunny in color are best to use for summertime theme. The theme for fall is inspired by the colors gold and brown. For this, you can use pistachios, Oreos, chocolate kisses and mocha glaze. Lastly, wintertime theme can be realized with the use of white frosting and sprinkling over powdered sugar. You can add large white marshmallows to make some snowballs.

In order to create a good presentation for your cheesecake, you simply need to use color, seasonal fruits and glazing techniques. Think about the holiday and season you are celebrating and apply a them that fits the season.

April 2, 2012

Speed Painting Mustang

Time Lapse Speed Painting by: Daniel Fragoso Osorio
Approximate Time: n/a
Software: Photoshop

Fresh from the Garden Idea

Written by Sherri Hicks

What had started as a few simple ideas over the dinner table had grown into a family affair in no time. My husband and I were very interested in creating a delivery system for some of our elderly customers or anyone who was interested in the service. We certainly had enough organic produce to feed a small town and little did we know, we were going to need it. After some initial weighing of the idea, the kids decided to lend a helping hand if things grew as we were hoping they would. Boy did they ever, The concept of fresh local vegetable being pre-ordered and delivered to your door spread like wildfire through our small town community. Before we knew it, we were all on the road making deliveries and meeting customers old and new alike. It became apparent right away in needed to contact t1 internet and explain our need to go mobile in order to keep up our high quality customer service was. Next, we decided to logo our VW Beetle convertibles so we could advertise on the go as well. Who knows where the future of this seasonal business will take us, but were ready.

Speed Sketching Monsters

Time Lapse Speed Painting by: Chris Scalf
Approximate Time: N/A
Software: N/A

March 3, 2012


Guest post of the week by Nestor Nielsen

I have atlanta clear internet so I am on Pinterest all the time. I have recently been trying a lot of new recipes that I found on Pinterest. My husband and I both had to work on Valentine’s Day, so we decided to cook at home. I found a recipe on Pinterest for our entire meal. I made a marinade for some steaks that my husband grilled, macaroni and cheese, grilled corn on the cob, and some delicious honey butter rolls. I also made my husband’s favorite red velvet cheesecake for dessert. I was so impressed that I was able to make an entire meal using recipes from Pinterest. I am so glad that my sister invited me to join Pinterest. I have used it so much for so many different things. I am definitely going to continue to use it for recipes. There are so many different ones that I will probably never have to make the same thing twice. My husband will love that because he gets bored eating the same thing over and over. I do not know what I did before Pinterest, but I bet our dinners were pretty boring.

January 30, 2012

Thankful for sorority sister

Guest post written by Jeramy Sparks

I grew up as an only child and always wanted to have a big sister. When I joined a sorority, I was lucky to get the best big sister a girl could ask for. She was wonderful throughout my entire college career and has been wonderful even out of college. She was there when I purchased my first house and even helped me figure out all the odd and ends. She set up the major utilities for me like the water, electricity and Direct Star TV. I honestly do not know what my life would be like without her. As an only child, you miss out on a lot of little things others take for granted. I never had anyone to ask advice or to do my makeup. I never had a permanent playmate or friend. Joining the sorority was one of the best decisions I made in my entire college career. I gained a true friend and wonderful sister. I am just glad to have her by my side during my tough decisions and there to support me whenever I need it. It is a blessing to no longer feel like an only child.

Best Of Nico di Mattia