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April 2, 2012

Fresh from the Garden Idea

Written by Sherri Hicks

What had started as a few simple ideas over the dinner table had grown into a family affair in no time. My husband and I were very interested in creating a delivery system for some of our elderly customers or anyone who was interested in the service. We certainly had enough organic produce to feed a small town and little did we know, we were going to need it. After some initial weighing of the idea, the kids decided to lend a helping hand if things grew as we were hoping they would. Boy did they ever, The concept of fresh local vegetable being pre-ordered and delivered to your door spread like wildfire through our small town community. Before we knew it, we were all on the road making deliveries and meeting customers old and new alike. It became apparent right away in needed to contact t1 internet and explain our need to go mobile in order to keep up our high quality customer service was. Next, we decided to logo our VW Beetle convertibles so we could advertise on the go as well. Who knows where the future of this seasonal business will take us, but were ready.

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