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January 1, 2008

Stay safe in your home!

I am a single woman living in the suburbs of Dallas, TX; a city known for its high crime rate. Every day I have concerns about my safety. To feel safer in my I home, I have taken the following steps:

1) I have adopted a beagle/lab mix from the local animal rescue. He is not a big dog by any means, but his bark is loud and aggressive. He is a very alert dog and he barks if he hears loud noises when I am home and also when I am not home, cutting down on potential burglaries or breaking and entering.

2) I purchased a home security system, that is set when I am both at home and away. I also have a medical alert bracelet connected to the system, that can allow me to press a button if I am danger or incapacitated.

3) Rather than leave my spare key under a mat or planter on the porch I have purchased a small key safe. I keep this behind my house, in an inconspicuous location. Only I know the combination to get my extra key out.

4) I have started taking self-defense classes offered in my community. They have taught me realistic ways to get out situations that may be dangerous to me, and also to assess dangers that I may have never thought of before (walking in unlit parking lots, telling a friend/family when meeting a blind date, etc).

5)And, finally, I have purchased a can of pepper spray for my purse. This makes me feel safer walking to my car at night or getting money from the ATM at a remote location.

Thanks to Tassie Walker for sharing!

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