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August 30, 2011


Some people are gifted with long curly lashes, no need for false lashes or heavy mascaras. How can you not envy such beautiful eyes with long lashes?  Some ladies had to do some treatments to have fuller lashes of which is Latisse.  Latisse is an eyelash growth product used for treating inadequate eyelashes. Men and women can both use this product, there is definitely no gender discrimination on this product.  Anyone with a condition characterized by short lashes can seek out professional help and advice to see if Latisse treatment can work for him or her given any medical condition.

The effects of Latisse can make dramatic changes to one's appearance with the lashes being fuller, lengthy and deeper colored.  Although this sounds too good to be true, this medication can only be bought through a certain prescription.  Qualified physicians like dermatologist and plastic surgeon are the only one who can recommend and prescribe this special medication.  People with very short and sparse eyelashes are highly qualified as candidates for this treatment, that way they can feel fuller benefits of having such wonderful long lashes too.

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