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August 28, 2011

Pneumatic Tools

There are so many pneumatic tools available that have different functions and uses. There are ratchets, drills, impact chisels, jack hammers, saws, grease guns, sanders, niblers, riveters, nailers, paint guns, scalers, staplers and many others. But not all shops carry all of these, there are specialized shops that only carry a number of pneumatic tools depending on what they specialize in. For example, what 5 pneumatic tools would you need for a general purpose workshop that has a compressed air network? Many experts would recommend a drill, angle grinder, die grinder, impact wrench, and a duster gun also known as a blow gun.

In many cases, pneumatic tools are the preferred choice. Why do all automotive shops use air tools? Because there are less moving parts and they rarely go bad, even if you buy the low quality tools since there isn''t that much to an air tool. Another reason is that you have constant power for as long as that compressor operates, that tool will have power as well. There is also more power. An impact will knock the lugs off a truck where as a 24volt dewalt would have a tough time doing the same. And one last reason why automotive shops use air tools is the cost, it is a lot cheaper to buy and fix an air tool than it is a cordless tool.

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