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September 14, 2011


Dressing up a man is easier than even trying to pick out wardrobe for a woman.  Guys would usually just wear mens t shirts and denims matched with their preferred footwear and that's pretty much it.  Not all guys like to wear colorful clothing so basic will do for them.  Will that get any harder to mix and match?  No way! 

Of course that's just the basic of all clothing for guys but there are also times when they need to accessorize and dress up more than what they are used to.  Say for instance the change of seasons brings out the need to cover up a bit more during the cooler seasons.  While it was all okay to be in their tanks, muscle shirts and shorts during Summer, a hoodie will be the perfect add on to the wardrobe this coming Fall.

Aeropostale just launched its new popover hoodies and full-zip hoodies. Many designs to choose from with prices at $15 to $28 discounted deals.  Whether you like the classic graphics or plain old simple one, surely it can keep you warm once the sun goes down.  Take along your favorite hoodie when going for night outs or watching live football action at the stadium. 

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