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September 7, 2011

CIA neighbor

I think my neighbor is in the CIA. Everyone has at least one strange neighbor. I do not think you can move anywhere and not have that one neighbor whom stands out from all the rest. The one that makes you take a double look at what you saw. I guess I should be thankful he is not hanging tires on the trees or something strange like that. Nonetheless, my CIA neighbor has so many cameras around his house. I have never seen so many video cameras watching a house. It made me thinking I needed to do something. I decided to have security systems for my home install a security system too. Mine is nothing like his, but at least I do not feel judged because of my lack of security. I joke about him working for the CIA, but I honestly wonder why anyone would need so many cameras. Maybe he is in the mob or inventing a car that runs on water. I can only imagine why, but to me it is just strange. I guess everyone has a quirk. 

Contributed by Milford Woods

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