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September 10, 2011

PrincetonCryo Equipment

Cryogenics was first openly introduced in the movie Vanilla Sky wherein Tom Cruise in his character portrayed had his body submitted for cryogenic freezing after almost overdosing himself with pills.  His body was frozen in very low temperature for 150 years.  There was also a news recently about a company offering cryogenic freezing for those who want to preserve their remains.  The process is called Cryopreservation in which cells or whole tissues are preserved by cooling to sub-zero temperatures.  Cryoprotectant solutions are used to preserve the cells and protect from freezing damage and approach to warming to room temperature.

PrincetonCryo.com offers a great line of cryogenic equipment such as storage supplies & accessories.  Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with their "Nos Hassle" return policy and with 24/7 standby customer service to help answer any questions and queries.  PrincetonCryo has a team of experienced engineers and technicians specializing in the design and installation of cryogenic systems.  You need not to fear about getting your equipment online because all you need to know and all you want to ask will be gladly handled by PrincetonCryo's well-trained staff.  They guarantee 100% satisfaction or your money back!

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